Get Rid of Acne – Is Your Diet Linked to Acne?

Are you an acne sufferer who has tried to get rid of acne by trying all the medication that your doctor has to offer? You will probably have heard your doctor say that diet and acne are not linked in any way. It is true that in finding a cure for acne there has been much talk if acne and diet are linked. Usually the average person will visit, what he thinks, is an authoritative website to find the answer. But is this the best method? For example, in the United Kingdom the National Health Service (NHS) website clearly states “There is no evidence that diet plays a role in acne. Eating a healthy balanced diet is recommended because it is good for your heart and your health in general. However, it will not help your acne.” If you search on the internet ‘diet and acne’ you will find this statement repeated over and over again. So is this medical fact or medical opinion? It’s an important question to answer, especially if you want to get rid of acne.Acne and Diet Are LinkedNew research is now finding out that acne and diet are definitely linked. Research is also proving that by adjusting a person’s diet he can actually cure acne. Of course, for the acne suffer this means more than just cutting out a certain food or eating more fruit. This article will examine this later, but if that is the case, why then does the NHS website promote the idea that acne and diet are not linked?Of course doctors are highly educated people who receive much training to cure ailments. The reason why doctors dismiss the link between acne and diet is because, as I believe, that at medical school doctors are not given much training on nutrition and it’s effects on the body. The training doctors receive isn’t focused on ‘food and nutrition’ but on the study of diseases, surgery and how pharmaceutical drugs can be used. This lack of training with regard to the effect that food has on the human body results in doctor’s relying on this premise: everything, including skin acne, can be cured by pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore chemical based lotions, antibiotics and Roaccutane are promoted as the only way in which to get rid of acne. Of course, another factor in all of this is the part that the large pharmaceuticals play, but that is the subject of another article.Assumptions Linked to AcneWould you like to live your life based on assumptions? Think of the assumptions that many people make when they want to get rid of acne:

The doctor is an expert on acne.
The doctor has been exclusively trained in treating acne.
Lotions, cleansers and medication are the answer.
Yes, 3 assumptions that a person usually makes when searching for a remedy for acne! Have you made these assumptions?Can Dermatologists Cure Acne?Is it better, then, to visit a dermatologist? The answer is simple: how are they going to treat acne? Dermatologists are also divided in their views on the causes of acne. Some are on the side that acne and diet are not related. Their patients are treated with pharmaceutical medicines. However other dermatologists are on the side that acne and diet are definitely linked. They treat their patients through proper nutrition and get good results without using any drugs.Of course, some people may find a cure for acne by visiting their doctor, but more often than not a person learns to live with it, or just waits until the body heals itself. Unfortunately this isn’t an option for many. The cure for acne is in what we digest in our bodiesAcne and Diet – Are They Really Linked?All persons should enjoy a healthy diet with the proper nutrients. This will make sure that your body receives everything it needs. It also enables the body to heal and repair its skin.However, a person could find himself in the situation that he already eats a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables, but still has acne. So how, then is acne and diet related?”It could be that some who can’t get rid of acne already have extremely healthy diets. They may be consuming the proper amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. They may also have also removed dairy, gluten sugar and saturated fat from their diet. However, they still find that following ‘acne diets’ hasn’t helped. This could lead them to the assumption that their doctor was right – acne and diet aren’t linked. This, however, is a false assumption.The Cure For AcneAcne is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong in side. Therefore the remedy for acne is looking into what is going on inside. What else is causes acne if food is not the culprit? One reason could be a health complaint from the past. This needs to be addressed. An acne sufferer who has sought an acne cure from his doctor will probably be using antibiotics. The contraceptive pill or constant use of pain killers can also be to blame. These medications alter the natural chemistry in the body causing good bacteria to be destroyed in the intestines. My research has shown that good bacteria in the gut is needed to get rid of acne. It is the best remedy for acne.Best Remedy for AcneThe best and most effective cure for acne is that a person needs to make changes in his diet. In order to return the body to it’s natural state the correct supplements have to be taken as well. So, sometimes the problems isn’t caused by diet, but through diet a person can get rid of acne.

Body Acne – Treating It The Right Way

Acne is one of the most embarrassing and irritating ailments one can have. Most of us at some stage of life especially in adolescence have battled it. Acne occurs both on the face and on the rest of the body- on the chest, back, upper arms and legs.While moderate acne is easily treated, severe acne takes time and effort to clear and may leave blemishes not only on the skin but also on one’s psyche. Luckily nowadays all types of acne are treatable if one is patient and persistent. The first step of body acne treatment is a good understanding of the ailment.What is acne?Acne commonly called pimples are skin eruptions that occurs due to the clogging of skin pores by oil and dead cells. Facial acne is a very common condition faced by people especially teenagers. Body acne or acne on the rest of the body is equally common but less discussed. People who suffer from body acne are more likely to also suffer from facial acne.What causes an acne outbreak?Acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands or oil secreting glands that are found throughout the body except on the palms and soles. These glands secrete lots of oil that mixes with sweat and dead skin creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and cysts all are caused due to this. The following factors though not directly causing acne may play a role in aggravating it.Poor hygiene:Lack of regular skin cleansing leads to accumulation of sweat and dead cells that mingle with the oil and block the skin pores. Bacteria too thrive and an acne breakout occurs. Body acne treatment is tougher than facial acne treatment as body pores are bigger.Though poor hygiene is not a direct cause of acne it is a factor which makes it worse. If you like to work-out frequently be sure to shower and keep yourself clean after sweating it out.Stress:Stress is one of the proven causes of acne. Day-to-day stress may sometimes become chronic which leads to a hormonal imbalance. Our adrenal glands release more cortisol which in turn makes the sebaceous glands produce more oil. Stress also reduces the immunity of the body thus making body acne treatment very difficult as blemishes do not heal quickly.A regular exercise regimen and a sound sleeping pattern are foolproof ways to alleviate stress. Other body conditions that disrupt the normal hormone cycle like pregnancy in which excess progesterone hormone is released also lead to acne.Imbalanced diet:The effect of diet on acne has not been scientifically proved. But there is no denying the fact that a balanced diet which incorporates whole grains, vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants is responsible for a healthy and glowing body.Body acne treatments according to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda recommend a diet rich in fluids, citrus fruits and green vegetables along with reduced consumption of oil and spicy food. Such a diet hydrates the body flushing out wastes efficiently which goes a long way in reducing acne. However moderate to severe acne may require medication along with a healthy diet.Friction due to improper clothing:Tight fitting or synthetic clothing which leads to sweating may increase acne. While suffering from acne, one should wear loose cotton based clothes that allow the body to breathe.How can acne be treated?Body acne treatments and facial acne treatments depend on the severity of the condition. While a mild acne breakout can be treated with over-the counter products, a severe case of acne must be treated by a doctor or a dermatologist as soon as possible. The following methods of treatment are generally used.
For mild acne cleansers and creams that contain acne fighting ingredients like salicylic acid (dries the scars), benzoyl peroxide (reduces pore clogging), alpha-hydroxy acid (dries scars) and tea-tree oil (kills bacteria) can be used.
For severe acne doctors prescribe antibiotics that contain erythromycin or tetracycline which kill bacteria. For very severe cases Accutane may be prescribed but it is often given as a last resort as it has some side-effects.Body acne treatments if followed regularly are bound to yield results and free you from the dreaded acne. You are in total control of the outcome of your acne condition. You have to impose yourself some disciplinary measures and follow the regimen strictly provided by the dermatologist. Be patient with the results and you will be on your way towards an acne-free lifestyle.